Ernie’s still missing after nine weeks

DESPITE a front page plea in the Courier earlier this month, Ernie the parrot is still missing.

Ernie’s owners - the Roebuck family - put up a £1,000 reward to help find their beloved parrot but they have still not found him.

Victoria Roebuck, 19, of Smithies Close, Barkisland, said there have been several sighting since the Courier’s story - but all to no avail.

“We have a long list of everybody that has rang.

“We have had two signtings in Mytholmroyd which was both on the exact same street and two from Elland, by the Bupa hospital) and then various others which have included illingworth, West Vale and Copley.

“So as you can imagine it’s very difficult to know where to start.

“However we did expect more sightings than we have had. The weather doesn’t help as I doubt Ernie would come out in the rain. He hates water.

“I have had so many nice phone calls from people telling me not to give up. We’re all devastated and will just continue our search. .”

Ernie went missing on June 19 - after flying out of a door at the family home which had been blown open.

He is an African grey parrot and can squark phrases including “greetings”, “cup of tea” and “bad birds”.

The family fell in love with Ernie when they heard him saying “hello” from the back of a stack of cages in a Manchester pet shop.

Anyone who sees Ernie should phone Victoria on 01422 825167 or 07595 980869.