Event helps feed the homeless in Dewsbury

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The Hope Welfare Trust organised a Feeding the Homeless event in Dewsbury alongside the Batley Homeless Project.

Fruits, cakes, tinned food, cakes and biryani were served to the homeless at the event.

Mohammed Zahoor, executive trustee with the Hope Welfare Trust, said: “Despite poor weather, there was a good turnout out and within an hour all the food had gone.

“The food itself was comfortably serving over 50 people. This shows the real need to support the vulnerable community.”

The Hope Welfare Trust have been doing regular Feeding the Homeless events in Luton and Leeds and now will be aiming to do regular outreach work in Dewsbury, working with local organisations to support the community in Kirklees.

“We are greatful for all the volunteers, the local business and everyone else who has played a key role in facilitating these events. Together with everyone’s support, we can reach out to many people,” added Mr Zahoor.

For further information, visit www.hopewelfaretrust.org or call 0300 102 1516.