False alarm charging policy

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West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service is proposing a false alarm charging policy.

A consultation will start in June regarding charging for false alarm attendances in order to ascertain the views of both local and national organisations following councillors approval at a meeting at Fire Authority Headquarters this morning (Friday).

Area manager Ian Bitcon said: “West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service is committed to ensuring provision of a service to the communities of West Yorkshire that is efficient, meets local needs and provides good value for money.”

In 2011 a new mobilisation procedure was introduced that has seen the number of attendances to false alarms reduce significantly, however, there are still a large number of calls that continue to be received and these have a significant impact and drain on fire service resources thereby affecting the ability to respond to real emergencies.

The consultation will involved the local business community including the full range of stakeholders affected and will cover the proposal to recover costs and reduce false alarms.

Tracy Austin, the chair of the community safety committee, said: “The proposals are not to make a profit but only to recover the costs incurred as a result of attending repeated false alarms causing by poorly maintained or defective automatic fire alarm systems.”