Family shock as car collides into house

Andy, Adam and Debra Fossett standing by the damage in their house after a car drove into it.
Andy, Adam and Debra Fossett standing by the damage in their house after a car drove into it.

A family was left in shock after they returned home to find the front of their house badly damaged after a car had driven into it in a freak accident.

Adam Fossett, 15, had just returned home from school but got the surprise of his life when the door to his house, on Bairstow Lane, fell off its hinges after it had been unlocked.

The family had left that morning for work and had not returned home since but in the space of a few hours, their house had turned into the a “disaster scene.”

Debra Fossett. 49. got a frantic call from her son.

“My son rang me at work and said mum, I think you better come home and I immediately thought we had been burgled.”

“When I got home it was such a shock. [The front of the house] looked fine but when I got inside, the wall was destroyed,” said Debra.

Neighbour Debbie Sapsford was home at the time of the accident, around 11.40am on Wednesday (September 3) and heard a “massive bang”.

“I opened the front door and there was smoke everywhere. When I saw that the car had driven into the house, I was quite shocked.”

The Peugeot 207 had crashed after driving down the cobbled road towards the ‘s’ bend.

A fire engine from Elland attended the scene after concerns were raised with the amount of smoke coming from the car but the smoke turned out to be the powder from the airbags inflating.

The front door, which has now been boarded up and secured, was stuck open until late Wednesday night.

Andy Fossett, 50, noticed the amount of structural damage done during the acident.

“There are cracks through the side of the wall and the wall has caved in a little. It was just such a shock when I walked in and saw it.”

The male driver, 55, was taken to Calderdale Royal Hospital with minor injuries to his arm and stomach.