Festive classic will raise money for African school

Children at Luddenden Dene School have recorded their own version of Band Aid's 'Do they know it's Christmas
Children at Luddenden Dene School have recorded their own version of Band Aid's 'Do they know it's Christmas
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CHILDREN have recorded their own version of a festive classic to raise money for a school in Africa - and reinforce the true meaning of Christmas.

After being inspired by seeing the 1984 Band Aid video, pupils at Luddenden Dene School decided to perform the song themselves and make a DVD about consumerism and worthy causes at Christmas.

The DVD has gone on sale this week and money raised will help to build a play area at Luddenden Dene’s link school in Mara, Tanzania.

Headteacher Lisa Hoyle said: “Our pupils’ work and determination to make a difference has impressed and moved us all.

“Myself and the whole school community are immensely proud of the class and their inspiration to consider the real gifts of Christmas.”

A banner will also be sent to Mara with the phrase “Bega Kwa Bega”, which means “Shoulder to shoulder” in Swahili.

Pupils in class five said it “exciting and fun” to record their own music video but they also felt it was important to highlight that Christmas is not a happy time for everybody.

Cara-Jade Odd said: “When we watched the Band Aid movie, we felt really upset.

“We all had a feeling that we have got to do something about this.

“We just wanted to do everything we could to help them. We’ve got food and they have nothing.

“We just think that a child should have a chance at life just like we do.”

Ben Hellowell said: “We all felt really sad when we watched the video. We didn’t realise how lucky we are.

“We take everything for granted.

“When we go home we can open the fridge and they can’t. It’s just sad.”

Leanne Holden said: “We didn’t know the meaning of the song at first.

“But when we found out the meaning of it, we felt for them and it made us realise we should not take stuff for granted.”

The link between Luddenden Dene School and Mara has been in place for several years.

Governor Keith Rowe, other members of the governing body and members of St Mary’s Church in Luddenden have made several trips to Mara in that time to take toys, help with building projects and work with the community.

A party will be visiting Mara again in January to help build the play area.

The DVD includes an interview the pupils conducted with Keith, during which he explains how the money they are raising will help the children of Mara.

He said: “It was great being interviewed by the children for the DVD.

“I just love kids.”

l The “Feed the world” DVD by class five at Luddenden Dene School is priced £3 and is available to buy at the school in person, by calling 01422 886353 or by emailing admin@luddendendene.calderdale.sch.uk