Fight to put the brakes on to save lives

Philip and Anne Shaw with Coun Scott Benton at Elland Road, Brighouse.
Philip and Anne Shaw with Coun Scott Benton at Elland Road, Brighouse.

Concerned residents are demanding road safety measures are introduced along a busy Brighouse road after witnessing first hand crashes and fatal accidents.

A petition organised by Anne and Philip Shaw on Elland Road has received the support of neighbours and councillors to ask Calderdale Council to review the 50mph speed limit on the road.

The last fatality in January saw debris from a car and bike scattered across the couple’s garden.

“After a local pedal cyclist was killed back in January which happened close to our house, we decided to organise a petition for traffic calming measures to be introduced on Elland Road,” said Mrs Shaw.

“This was sanctioned by our neighbours.

“The straight section at Cromwell Bottom is particularly vulnerable since this is the only section on the whole road where vehicles can overtake.

“Speeding is a huge problem; the 50 mph speed limit is regularly exceeded sometimes with dangerous overtaking manoeuvres, not to mention the countless near misses and minor collisions.

“The most recent fatality has taken place on this section of road with vehicle and bicycle parts strewn across our garden.

“We would like the Council to look at introducing safety (speed) cameras at Cromwell Bottom as well as a reduction in the speed limit from the present 50mph, reviewing the whole road including Park Road. Fatalities have occurred here too.”

Cyclist William Stroker, 55, died after a collision between his bike and a black Citroen C5 in Elland Road in January this year.

Councillor Scott Benton (Brighouse, Conservative) said: “We have seen several fatal incidents along this stretch of Elland Road over the last few years along with a number of ‘near misses’.

“The residents in the area are very worried that a significant number of vehicles travel well in excess of the 50mph limit and then find it difficult to revert back to 30mph when the areas towards Elland & Brookfoot become built up again.

“The residents would like the current 50mph speed limit to be reviewed and through their petition we are asking the Council to look again at this issue, particularly in light of the recent fatalities.”