Fines after night out ends in street brawl

THREE men have been handed fines after a drunken town centre brawl.

Scott McGow, 30, and Stuart Sutcliffe, 30, kicked Ryan Haigh, 28, as he laid in the street.

Haigh, who sat in the dock with McGow and Sutcliffe facing charges of affray, was out drinking at Yates’, Silver Street, Halifax, on September 11 last year.

Bradford Crown Court heard that CCTV footage from the night showed Haigh had had a lot to drink and was being over- familiar with women in the pub who were not returning his advances.

One of the women was in a party with Sutcliffe, of Braeside, Halifax, and McGow, of Church Bank, Halifax, and as Haigh laid hands on her, Sutcliffe punched him.

Haigh, of Haugh Shaw Road, Halifax, went away but returned with a bottle and managed to hit both Sutcliffe and McGow with one blow, leaving both men with cuts to their faces.

He was thrown out by bouncers and ran on to George Square where he slipped and banged his head on a metal bollard.

Sutcliffe had been following Haigh and jumped on him as he lay prone in the street.

Further CCTV footage showed Sutcliffe getting off Haigh, who was unconscious, at which point McGow arrived and they both kicked him to the body.

Haigh suffered a broken jaw, which needed to be repaired with metal plates.

He said he remembered nothing from the night other than waking up in an ambulance.

Sutcliffe and McGow were interviewed by police and said they were acting in self defence and denied assaulting him on the ground. All three men pleaded guilty to one charge of affray.

His Honour Judge Jonathan Durham Hall said: “I am sure you are all kicking yourselves, never mind other people, at having got involved in this.

“I hope I will be forgiven for taking a pragmatic view of this case and that you won’t make this mistake again.”

All three men were fined £500 plus a £15 victim surcharge each and were ordered to pay a further £330 towards prosecution costs.

They were all bound over for 12 months to the sum of £400.