Fire chiefs urge residents in flood risk areas to think ahead

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West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service has urged people at risk of flooding to think ahead.

With flood alerts in force on the River Calder, from Todmorden to Brighouse, firefighters are on standby.

The service has given the following advice:

• Turn off electrical items if you are at immediate risk of being flooded and be prepared for power cuts. However, avoid using candles and other open flames as this poses a further risk

• Move valuables upstairs if possible

• Prepare an emergency kit bag in case of evacuation

• To find out the latest advice and information listen to local radio or television stations. Go in, stay in, tune in!

In the event of flooding:

• Keep away from open water such as rivers, dykes and lakes. Parents are urged to take a keen interest in where their children are at all times

• Do not drive through flood water which is fast flowing or deeper than the profile of your tyre

• Do not attempt to walk through flooded areas. Even shallow water moving fast can sweep you off your feet and there may be hidden dangers such as open drains, damaged road surfaces, submerged debris or deep channels; these can cause serious injuries or even death

• Children should not be allowed to play in flood water, which can become contaminated with sewerage and chemicals.

Check the latest forecast and get the latest information from the Met Office’s website and the Environment Agency’s website

The Floodline helpline is 0845 988 1188. Follow them on Twitter @EnvAgencyYNE