Fire nursery owners aim to be back in business next week

Four fire crews attended the blaze
Four fire crews attended the blaze

Owners of the Elland Day Nursery are hoping to re-open its doors just a week on from the blaze that left it badly damaged on Monday.

Janeen Turner-Brown and Kirsty Smith are confident that they will be back caring for children at the site on Monday despite fire damage that has destroyed one of the nursery's two buildings. They estimate the damage at £100,000.

The nursery has two buildings, one of which was hit hard by the fire, which burnt through a section of the floor, ravaged fittings and left heavy smoke damage throughout. The nursery will relocate to the smaller building, which remained unaffected.

"We're working very hard alongside Ofsted and Calderdale Child Services in order to ensure all children are well catered for in the other building."

They say investigators suspect an electrical surge caused by a power cut caused the blaze, which was discovered on Monday morning by staff arriving at work. Forensics into the incident are ongoing.

"We were very lucky and we are indebted to our wonderful, quick thinking staff," Janeen said, "they were fantastic and knew exactly what to do, they closed the door straight away and called the fire service."

The nursery cares for 56 children ranging from babies to the age of five.

"We were lucky that there were no children in the nursery at the time," Janeen said, "we are working hard to get things sorted so that we can get the children back to normal."