Firefighters attacked in Halifax by yobs throwing fireworks

Firefighters attacked in Halifax
Firefighters attacked in Halifax

Firefighters came under attack and had fireworks thrown at them as they attended two emergency incidents at the weekend.

The attacks come after a campaign was launched by West Yorkshire Police on the anti social use of fireworks.

On Friday evening at 7.47pm crews came under attack from a group whilst attending an incident in Plum Street, Halifax.

On three occasions fireworks were thrown at crew members, who fortunately were not harmed.

The next evening (Saturday) at around the same time, crews were attacked whilst attending a bonfire in Vickerman Street, Halifax.

A firework was directed towards crew members and exploded at their feet.

Area Manager, Chris Kirby, who is responsible for Fire Prevention, said: “Any attack using a firework, be it on a member of the public or indeed our own firefighters, is totally unacceptable.

"Fireworks are explosives with the power to maim or even kill if used as a weapon or without caution.”

The Fire Service is joining forces with Pinderfields Hospital in Wakefield to support the national Burn Awareness Day on Wednesday.

This event will highlight the devastating injuries burns can cause.

The Fire Service will also be running its annual campaign around safety in the run-up to the bonfire season.