Firefighters scaled back as flood calls reduce

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Firefighters continue to help residents across West Yorkshire in the recovery process as the flood-hit

region welcomes in 2016.

No further rescues have been required and the focus of firefighters’ work has shifted from rescue to reparation.

Weather forecasts predict no adverse conditions for the next five days, giving residents respite and the

chance to assess the damage.

On New Year’s Eve WYFRS focused its resources on the worst-hit parts of Calderdale, namely Todmorden and Mytholmroyd, where 10 firefighters and an officer have been pumping out flood water from properties where possible.

Crews were also been at a commercial premise in Mirfield, Kirklees.

Area Manager Jim Butters said: “Although we are now scaling back our initial emergency flood response, we would like to reassure

communities that we are there to support them as they start to take steps to recovery.”

The Fire Service has worked alongside blue light responders, Police and Ambulance crews, as well as other partners including the Environment Agency, Local Authority Emergency Planning and Military personnel to coordinate the response.

AM Butters added: “The dedication of our staff has been second-to-none, with many operational personnel not on duty over Christmas returning to work to assist with the flood response.

“As we begin to move forward, we ask the public to take heed of some common sense advice.

“We urge people to be sensible around the dirty flood water as it could pose a health risk.

“We have, in recent days witnessed people swimming in it which is not to be recommended.”