Firm is flying the flag for Calderdale at Olympic Park

Graham Holden of Marshalls at Olympic Park
Graham Holden of Marshalls at Olympic Park
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A TOP Calderdale businessman has been given an early preview of the Olympic Park.

Graham Holden, chief executive of Marshalls Paving, joined a group visit with Team Yorkshire.

Team Yorkshire includes more than 200 firms across the county which have won business contracts to work on the Olympic Park and contribute to London 2012.

Marshalls, which employs hundreds in Calderdale, has supplied products to numerous projects in the construction of the Olympic site.

The extra business has been a bonus to firms struggling in one of the worst recessions experienced by the construction sector.

Mr Holden said he liked what he saw.

“It truly is a testament to all that’s good in the British construction industry,” he said.

“It is fantastic to see a project of this scale being delivered ahead of time and under budget.

“We feel privileged to be involved and proud to be part of the Yorkshire connection.”

The visit was led by Gary Verity, chief executive officer of Welcome to Yorkshire and Olympic regional committee Yorkshire Gold.

He said Team Yorkshire was making a major impact and the region would benefit in other areas also.

“International and British teams are already committed to training in Yorkshire and hundreds of our schoolchildren will qualify for free tickets,” he said.