Firm takes on bus services

CENTREBUS has taken over several bus routes in Halifax.

It will now run four services previously operated by the Halifax Joint Committee.

The services which have changed ownership are the 28A from Halifax to Highwell Road, the 31 to Skircoat Green, the 34 serving Claremount and 36 to Rye Lane. The transfer of routes will take effect from Monday.

Halifax Joint Committee will be left running its remaining four services.

CentreBus commercial director David Shelley said: "We have invested in eight more low-floor buses for our depot at Elland which will run most of these services.

"They have proved popular with customers on our other services around Calderdale.

"The new buses will also deliver reliability and lower engine emissions, and will over the next few months be moved on to the Metro system for live bus timetable information via text and at bus stops."

Drivers from Halifax Joint Committee will be transferring to CentreBus to operate the services, under the TUPE rules for business transfer.

CentreBus will also be taking on additional engineering and cleaning staff and will have 20 buses based at the Elland depot.

Halifax Joint Committee will continue to provide a range of school and contract services and some local bus services under contract to Metro.

Halifax Joint Committee declined to comment.