Flood victim’s terrifying ordeal

Neil Thompson
Neil Thompson

Walsden resident Neil Thompson has relived his ordeal of being swept 50 yards downhill onto railway tracks during the flood.

The 51-year-old said it was a terrifying experience which he couldn’t stop.

“I was so shocked at how strong the water was,” he said.

“I had opened the gate to the house to let some of the water out.

“The water had got as high as the bottom of the windows and I was worried it was going to start flooding the house.

“Our garden is completely walled so I thought I needed to open the gate and let some of it out.

“As the water was draining out onto the road, I could tell the water was flowing quite fast but out of nowhere it just took my feet from under me and I was swept away down the road.

“I was terrified, I couldn’t stop what was happening. I was trying to grab onto anything - fences, lampposts - to hold onto and stop me from being dragged by the water but I couldn’t catch hold.

“Eventually, I got to a fence at the bottom of the road which blocks off the railway line.

“Just as I thought about getting up to hold onto the fence, the water swept me under the fence and onto the railway line.”

Mr Thompson said the water was then able to disperse and he was left sitting on the line.

“I looked over and there was a train sitting at the station nearby, luckily not able to move because of everything that was going on, but he tooted his horn at me as he’d obviously seen what had happened,” said Mr Thompson.

“It could have been so much worse. I could have been thrown against something, or what if there had been a train coming?”