Flooding in Calderdale as borough is battered by heavy rain

Flooding at Copley, going towards Sowerby Bridge. Picture tweeted by  @TheIndianFireTrail
Flooding at Copley, going towards Sowerby Bridge. Picture tweeted by @TheIndianFireTrail

Calderdale has been battered by heavy rain this evening, leading to flooding in some parts of the borough.

Flood warnings have been issued for the River Calder.

The alerts, which mean flooding is expected, have been issued for Walsden Water, the River Calder at Todmorden, Hebden Water at Hebden Bridge and the River Calder at Hebden Bridge, River Calder and Cragg Brook at Mytholmroyd, River Calder at Eastwood, Callis Bridge and Charlestown, River Calder at Central Mytholmroyd, River Calder at Hebden Bridge - Mytholm and Hebble End, River Calder at Brearley and Luddenden Foot and the River Calder at Brighouse - Nun Bank Wood and the River Calder at Elland from North Dean Business Park to Park Road

Flood sirens have sounded in Hebden Bridge, Todmorden, Walsden and Brighouse, but water has now receded in many areas and river levels have come down.

People are being asked to refer to their flood plans, take care near areas of concern and monitor conditions. The Environment Agency is also closely monitoring the situation and is checking for and clearing blockages.

The following areas are thought to have been affected and motorists are being warned to take care while driving.

Surface water at Callis, Hebden Bridge, and Eastwood, Todmorden, flooding on Holmes Road, Sowerby Bridge, flooding in Lumbutts, problems in Mytholmroyd, near Cragg Road and Elphaborough Close, as well as on Burnley Road in the village centre.

There's also thought to be surface water near Savile Park Moor and some flooding in Bailiff Bridge.

Flood wardens along with the Calder Valley Search and Rescue Team are out in the borough monitoring river levels, which were forecast to peak at around 8pm.

Sandbags are available from containers behind the Picture House and in Bridge Lane, Hebden Bridge.

There are train delays between Rochdale and Todmorden and are expected until the end of service.

The Community Foundation for Calderdale can offer financial support to those affected by flooding this evening. Its phone line will open at 9am tomorrow morning - call 01422 349700. Alternatively, call this evening and leave a message and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

Visit www.calderdale.gov.uk/environment/flooding/index.html to report flooding and eyeoncalderdale.com to check the flood risk in your area.