Fly posting a blight on town centre streets

Flyposting on Building opposite Halifax Town Hall, Crossley Street.
Flyposting on Building opposite Halifax Town Hall, Crossley Street.

A leading Halifax businessman has hit out over ‘unsightly’ fly posting that is happening on numerous buildings in the town centre.

Roger Harvey OBE has highlighted the issue in a letter to the Courier about the number of posters for events and shows being put on empty buildings.

Mr Harvey, chairman of Harveys of Halifax, said some of the posters have been there for some time, and must have been seen by councillors and members of the public, and yet they remain.

“We are investing up to £50 million pounds in the development of the Piece Hall, creating a new library, improving the Halifax Minster, and many other projects to help the redevelopment of Halifax to attract visitors,” he said.

“And yet we are letting ourselves down with one of the most basic sights that make a town look run down.

“Mayor Guiliani of New York referred to the broken window syndrome, i.e. if a window is left broken for some time the next one will be smashed , eventually leading to a run down area being created.

“This is what is happening on our streets with the fly posting. If it goes unchallenged it will continue.”

How to report illegal flyposting in Halifax

Calderdale Council’s Head of Neighbourhoods, Andrew Pitts, said: “Flyposting is illegal and enforcement action can be taken against anyone caught.

“We have not received any recent reports of fly-posting, but we will investigate this case now it has been raised.

“When we receive reports of fly posting in Calderdale, we will look into the complaint and remove any illegally positioned posters or paint over them if removal is not possible.

“People can report flyposting by searching ‘fly-posting’ on or calling the contact centre on 01422 288001.”