Former Brighouse music teacher jailed for life for partner’s murder

Andrew Lindo
Andrew Lindo

A FORMER Brighouse music teacher has been jailed for life for murdering his partner.

Andrew Lindo, 28, strangled, beat and stabbed Marie Stewart to death and hid her body in a suitcase at their home in Holmfirth.

He admitted manslaughter but was convicted of murder after a 10-day trial at Bradford Crown Court.

Today a judge senteced him to life in prison.

Marie’s father, Robert Stewart, said: “It is difficult to imagine a more gut-wrenching experience than to be told that your daughter’s body has been found in the garage of their family home.

“This, compounded by the fact that Andrew Lindo; her so called “partner”, had first killed her in the most violent manner and then allowed her body to remain undiscovered for over seven weeks, while he continued within his own fantasy world.

“He has lied, misled, abused, cheated and stolen from us on a monstrous scale.

“It saddens me enormously that one day very soon his children will have to know exactly what he did to their mother and that we are left to pick up the consequences of his actions.

“Marie will live on in our hearts as a fabulous daughter, sister and loving mum.”

Lindo worked Henry Ward School in Brighouse several years ago.

Detective Superintendent Dick Nuttall from West Yorkshire Police’s Homicide and Major Enquiry Team said: “Andrew Lindo has now been convicted of the Murder of Marie Stewart, a verdict which confirms that this was a cruel and deliberate act rather than the spontaneous and momentary loss of control that Lindo has claimed in his defence.

“Lindo killed Marie Stewart in a series of brutal assaults that began in a bedroom a few feet from where their young children lay asleep and which continued through three floors of the family home before ending with Marie’s body being callously consigned to a flight bag in the garage.

“Within hours of Marie’s death - and by prior arrangement - Lindo brought his unsuspecting new girlfriend into his home before embarking on an elaborate charade that convinced everyone that Marie was still alive for several weeks.

“In his conduct since killing Marie, Lindo has continually sought to avoid or minimise his responsibility for his actions. Right from Lindo’s despicable behaviour and use of text and Facebook messages prior to his arrest, his lies and crocodile tears in police interviews through to his descent to the ultimate low of blackening Marie Stewart’s character in the worst possible way he has shown himself to be calculating and manipulative.

“His behaviour has done nothing but compound the Stewart family’s suffering both up to and during this trial but despite that they have behaved with a quiet dignity that has impressed everyone.

“Lindo’s behaviour inspired revulsion among even the most experienced officers on the enquiry team and I take pride in the thorough and painstaking detective work that exposed his lies and subterfuge to present a compelling case to the court.

“This killing had it roots in Andrew Lindo’s selfishness and whilst it is his behaviour that will make the news we shouldn’t forget that through his actions he has caused the needless death of Marie Stewart and has deprived her two young children of their loving and devoted mother.”