Former minister dies aged 75

Noel Richard Whitehead
Noel Richard Whitehead

Former minister and well-known local figure Noel Whitehead has died of cancer, aged 75, at a hospice in Wakefield

Born in Halifax in 1938, the elder son of Selwyn and Eva, Mr Whitehead went to school at Halifax Technical College before working at Standevens in Ovenden.

He then became a minister and took charge of Salem URC in Burnley, where he was married in 1963.

He had three sons, Simon, Gregory and Cary, with his first wife Jean before marrying his third wife in 1988 and settling in Pontefract.

His brother Chris still lives in Halifax, while his sister Susan died in 1988. He was also an uncle and grandfather.

He and his wife Jose enjoyed holidaying in Europe.

He later left the ministry and became a teacher of disruptive children and moved around the country.

He was a life long supporter of Halifax Town where he first went with his father and brother in 1948.

The funeral is at Pontefract Crematorim on May 16 at 2.00pm.