Former police chief rallies bid to bring Calderdale community together

Nadeem Mir
Nadeem Mir

A retired police officer from Hebden Bridge is working with a team of almost 25 to bring the Calderdale community together.

Former Chief Inspector, Nadeem Mir started out in the force in 1985, and by the 90’s was working with the authorities to organise groups to help deal with crime and drug misuse.

In 2010, he was involved in the creation of terrorism and anti-radicalisation programmes that had aims to collaborate communities.

Mir received the Queen’s Police Medal on retirement in 2015, for his 40 years of recognised service. The legacy continues as his son has now joined the force, taking over his dads collar number.

He now wants to continue to help the locals, with his group, Integrate Todmorden. The organisations aims are to identify barriers within the local area, reducing tensions and radicalisation.

They work with a variety of people – from young, troubled teens to the elderly, getting them out of their comfort zones and completing tasks such as street cleaning (e.g. after the floods), cooking and going on walks.

Another project he has been involved with is climbing 5,000m up K2, raising around £8,000 (with the final total still being added to) for charities around the world such as Macmillan Cancer

Support, and the Jo Cox Foundation. He’s also been involved with the Salaam Project, which collaborated with the local authorities and the Council of Mosques where he did a presentation on identifying vulnerability.

Mr Mir said: “You can’t put a price on the satisfaction” when talking about the success of his work.

Integrate Todmorden started back in 2005 with only a couple of volunteers. The ever-expanding team are now helping over 100 people locally and the group is now more diverse than ever.

The chair of the group believes that the key is talking about things and problem solving, instead of saying “I’m the victim”.

Talking about the future he added: “My aims are to continue to work together, raising awareness of drug misuse, child sexual exploitation and radicalisation. It’s important to create the opportunity to have a conversation”. There has also now been safeguarding across all of the mosques in Calderdale.

Those who want to get involved with Integrate Todmorden can do so by emailing