Freeze a jolly good fellow (and women!)

SWIMMERS plunged into freezing waters for their annual New Year dip.

The annual Todmorden Amateur Swimming Club New Year’s Swim had been thrown into doubt after insurers refused to cover the event at Lee Dam, Lumbutts, above Todmorden.

Underwriters backed off from covering the swim and the fees were too high for the club to meet.

It was officially cancelled and swimmers, some stripping right off, braved the weather and took the risk by swimming regardless.

The committee say they had been sent a letter at the beginning of December telling them to renew their cover a week before, an offer that was initially accepted but then retracted.

Paddlers of all ages bravely splashed their way into the water and plunged into the chilly depths.

The club thanked those who helped raise money, including Upper Calder Charity Assist, Mark and Martin Ashton and Shirley and Alan Fielder.

They have asked for anyone who may be able to help in future events to come forward and contact Debbie Lorimer on 07513 123097.