French connection is finalised 90 years on

A FRENCH village is recognising the generosity of the people of Halifax 90 years on.

Metz-En-Couture, in Northern France, was left battered and destroyed following the First World War with many residents left homeless.

In 1921 a party from the Borough of Halifax, including the Mayor Alderman Thomas Hey and other councillors, visited the village as part of a national scheme to help French towns.

They were so moved they pledged an interest-free loan of 5,000 to help rebuild the shattered community.

In return the village square was to be renamed Place d'Halifax but this never happened until now.

Calderdale Mayor Keith Watson and mayoress Eileen Watson will travel to meet dignatories from Metz-en-Couture for the naming ceremony on February 21.

Coun Watson, said: "It's going to be a worthwhile thing to do. There is a lot to celebrate between us.

"They promised they would do it and it's nice that they are finally doing it."

The people of Halifax were called into action by a Courier reporter who went on the original trip in 1921.

He wrote: "The needs of the adopted community are great and urgent with patched up ruins and public buildings.

"Dwellings have been destroyed and there are deficiencies in personal necessities."

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