Front door ‘left with exposed nails and cracked glass’

Sam Moore with his door window in Midgley.
Sam Moore with his door window in Midgley.

A Midgley resident says he has been let down by Together Housing after his front door was left in a state of disrepair.

Sam Moore. of Pleasant View, Midgley. says work done to his front door by the housing association to change his single glazed windows and door to double glazing resulted in nail heads being left pointing out and a crack in the glass of the door.

Mr Moore, who volunteers with environmental organisations including Calderdale Council’s environment department and Slow the Flow, said: “The contractor they used left the nails sticking out on purpose so they’d be easier to pull out and they said they’d be back in a few weeks to sort it but they never have.

“If I’d paid for it I’d want my money back.”

Sam, who has lived in the flat since 2015, says he has contracted Together Housing five or six times but has now given up.

“I shouldn’t even had to have asked once, they should have come back straight away.

“Why have they just sat there and chosen to be negligent?”

Angela Stuttard, group head of repairs and maintenance at Together Housing Group, said: “Together Housing always take tenant complaints seriously and have a strict process for responding to them.

“Together Housing have not been made aware of any work that requires attention at the property in Pleasant View, however a member of staff will inspect this as soon as possible and, if action is required, a full repair will be carried out promptly.

“There are many ways to get in touch with Together Housing, including by telephone, electronically or in person, so we are sorry if any customers feel any frustrations when trying to get hold of us.

“In this case, we have been in recent correspondence with the tenant, so will contact him directly to find out more about his concerns.”