Fury mounts as fly tippers strike again

editorial image

This shocking picture shows the extent of the mess left by fly tippers on a residential street in Shelf.

Five tonnes of brick and rubble was dumped at Riding Hill between Thursday, July 2, and Monday, July 6.

The mess was just one of a number of fly tipping incidents which forced Calderdale Council to temporarily close the road.

It comes just weeks after the council was forced to clear 60 illegally dumped tyres and four tonnes of rubbish and rubble from a track in the village.

Councillor Stephen Baines (Con, Northowram and Shelf) has hit out at those causing the blight in his ward.

“This is costing the rate payer alot of money.” Coun Baines said. “To just dump it in the middle of the road, which is used by residents and is the only way in and out of their properties is totally out of order.

“We really need to help the police find these inconsiderate people. If you see anybody doing anything like this, phone the police straight away.

“Get a photograph of their vehicle, don’t put yourself in danger but try and get a photo or their registration number.

“We really need to make an example of these inconsiderate people and we have got to put a stop to this.

“We can’t have police on all the roads in Shelf and Northowram, people have to be vigilant if they see anything, report it straight away.”

Councillor Barry Collins, deputy leader of Calderdale Council, said: “No sooner had the Council cleaned up after a dreadful fly-tipping incident alongside Halifax Road in Shelf, than we were alerted to another deliberate and totally thoughtless piece of dumping in the same village. Council workers were called to Riding Hill in Shelf twice last week, to tackle a large amount of rubbish that had been recklessly dumped in the middle of a road.

“The mess was reported on Wednesday and cleaned the following day, but more fly-tipping occurred on Friday. Five tonnes of rubbish stretched over 30 feet, requiring the road to be closed over the weekend.

“We are determined to catch the culprits of these crimes, and investigations are taking place into both sets of dumping.

You can report fly-tipping online at www.calderdale.gov.uk or by calling the council on 01422 288001.