Fury over lorries using narrow road

Halt: Residents Carol Tommis, Yvonne Jennings, Dorothy and David Beecroft in the narrow Westercroft Lane, Northowram
Halt: Residents Carol Tommis, Yvonne Jennings, Dorothy and David Beecroft in the narrow Westercroft Lane, Northowram

SCHOOLCHILDREN are being put at risk on a busy road according to Northowram residents.

Westercroft Lane in the village has been designated as a safe route for children walking to and from school as part of a walk to school scheme.

However, locals say the road is regularly used by lorries from the Lumbrook Mills industrial estate.

Parent, Yvonne Jennings, from nearby St Matthew’s Drive, said: “I just don’t think it’s a safe walking route.

“At one point there is not enough room to get two cars past each other.

“I’ve lived around Northowram for 47 years. If they had made some major improvements then I could not draw any objections but there’s been no improvements in my living memory.

“Does something have to happen before the council do anything about it? How can you invest in pupils if you are not going to invest in transport?”

Mrs Jennings has two children at Hipperholme and Lightcliffe School with her youngest due to start at the school in September.

She has been stung financially by the decision to designate the road as a safe walking route.

“When Westercroft Lane was made a safe walking route it brought the distance to the school down to under three miles so we can’t get a free bus pass anymore,” she said.

“I had to accept that I was going to have to pay £30 a month for a pass.”

Residents on the street have complained that their houses shake evey time the wagons go past and face being damaged.

David Beecroft, who lives on Westercroft Lane, said: “When they come down the road empty the lorries bounce along and it causes our house to shake.

“There are cracks in the porch from where it’s shook so much.

“It’s easier for the wagons to go out the other way - the council ought to make the road one way.”

Mark Longden, transport manager at Cullingworth and Commercial Freight Services, based at Lumbrook Mills, said that drivers have been told to avoid using Westercroft Lane. “We have a sign up in the window telling drivers not to use the road. The road is too narrow and it causes problems when you’re at the junction at the top of Westercroft Lane,” he said.

“I will be monitoring the situation and making sure drivers go out the bottom on to Brighouse and Denholme Gate Road.”

A council spokesperson said: “Following a complaint from a member of the public our traffic liaison officers will be visiting the site next week to assess the signing and white lining on the road.”

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