Future of pool reaching breaking point

Halifax Swimming Pool.
Halifax Swimming Pool.

The future of Halifax Swimming Pool is reaching a critical point as councillors decide whether to free up funds so it remains open.

Calderdale Council’s Economy and Investment panel is being asked to allocate money so essential repairs can be carried out.

Whilst the identified risks have been managed over a number of years, the condition of certain elements has reached a critical point where short term fixes are no longer possible.

To keep the pool operational, works are required to both the pool plant and fabric or the pool will have to close.

The report outlines that an estimated £123,750 will be needed to repair some of the pipework, roof and pool structure.

“The works described outline the current required works to enable the swimming pool to remain open,” states the report. “The condition of the remainder of the fabric of the building and plant has reached the end of its useful life and will continue to be monitored.”

Even if the work is carried out the pool, built in 1966, will not be able to remain open for the next three years and does not remove the potential for an unplanned closure.

The pool was closed in October for work to be carried out on all the filters.

The quality of the pool water and flow into the pool was improved as a result of the procedure leading to the Sports Service Manager considering that rather than replacing the filters, at this stage, the water quality can continue to

be managed by the pool staff which would include periodic planned closures.

However the pool inlet was found to be badly corroded and highlights the fragility of the pool plant and pipework, which could potentially result in failure and further closures of the pool.

The Economy and Investment Panel will meet at Halifax Town Hall on November 24 at 6pm.