Gallery: Amber weather warning issued in Calderdale as snow continues to fall

Snow in Halifax
Snow in Halifax

The Met Office has issued an Amber weather warning for Calderdale as snow continues to cover the borough and produce stunning scenery.

As you can see from our picture gallery, blankets of snow are covering the landscape across the borough.

The Met Office has issued a warning that more snow is expected to fall for the rest of the day.

The Met Office's chief forecaster said: "Snow showers will bring variable snow cover, but parts of northeast England and Scotland are expected to see the most frequent snow showers.

“During this time, 5-10cm of snow is expected quite widely. Where showers become organised though, most likely across Scotland and over the hills of northern England, some places are likely to have an additional 15-25 cm of snow, locally as much as 40 cm.

“Strong winds will lead to drifting of snow and severe wind chill, while lightning could be an additional hazard, particularly near coasts.

“This warning has been updated to extend the area further west over parts of Scotland.”

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