Garages still facing shortages this morning

Queues at Pellon Lane Shell petrol station.
Queues at Pellon Lane Shell petrol station.
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The following petrol stations have reported fuel shortages this morning.


Sainsbury’s in Halifax has petrol and diesel, but expect to run out by the end of the day.

Cote Hill in Burnley Road has run out of fuel and they are not expecting a delivery until Saturday morning.

Belmont Services in Rochdale Road, Sowerby Bridge, have diesel only.

Hayley Hill in Halifax have petrol, no diesel, but are expecting a diesel delivery this morning.

Pellon Lane services still have fuel but are expecting to run out by lunchtime. They will get another delivery late tonight.

Esso in Huddersfield Road, Halifax, currently has no fuel. They are not expecting a delivery today.

Hillcrest service station in Sowerby Bridge have run out of unleaded but have a little bit of diesel left. They are hoping for a delivery today but cannot be sure of it.

Shell services at Salterhebble Hill have no fuel and are not expecting a delivery.

Shell service in Wakefield Road, Brighouse, have no fuel but are expecting a delivery at noon.

WestVale filling station has no fuel and is not expecting any until tomorrow.

Co-operative group in Elland are about to run out but are expecting a delivery this afternoon.

This page will be updated with more petrol stations throughout the day