Gecko load of my hair

Kevin Wilson took part in a hair-raising charity for challenge.
Kevin Wilson took part in a hair-raising charity for challenge.

A brave dad from Halifax embarked on a hair-raising charity challenge and had the shape of a lizard shaved and coloured onto his head.

Kevin Wilson, 34, of Halifax, works in the Morrisons Finance Team at the Bradford Head Office and took on the challenge to have a weird and wonderful head shave with three colleagues on July 23 to raise funds for Sue Ryder.

Kevin said: “Our team organises a charity event every quarter, usually bake sales and that kind of thing, and this time we decided to do something a little bit different. One of my colleagues came up with the idea of having head shaves, and we were doing some research and came across a picture of a lizard shaved into someone’s head. Everyone thought it looked good but I was the only one who volunteered to go through with it!

“My two daughters are 8 and 6 and one of them loved the idea, but the other one hated it. Thankfully we’re not going to any weddings this summer, but we are going to Legoland in a couple of weeks – no doubt I’ll get a few funny looks!”

The day-long fundraiser, together with the Supermarkets Finance Team raised around £2,000 through a variety of charity events, including the head shave.

Other members of the head shave team opted for mohawks and extremely short hair.

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