George Galloway in bizarre spat with Bradford Brewery

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Bradford West candidate George Galloway has become embroiled in a bizarre spat with a local brewery on Twitter after he responded angrily to a tweet which appeared to annoy him.

Bradford Brewery, a well-known brewery and bar and pie shop in the city, tweeted to George Galloway’s account asking whether he was “still a thing” and asked why Mr Galloway was the only parliamentary candidate not to visit the them in the run up to the May 7 General Election.

The Bradford West Respect candidate appeared to suggest that he would be in touch about what he claimed were “a series of complaints about the brewery”.

He then added: “I shall return to this matter after the election. You have been most unwise,” he wrote.

There were also unsubstantiated reports that Galloway had reported them to West Yorkshire Police.

The spat attracted widespread attention with a #blockedbygeorgegalloway hashtag trending briefly.

The incident follows a disastrous Twitter question and answer session in February for Mr Galloway which saw him call critics “unhinged”, “madmen” and “Tory scum”.