Get your foot in the door with an apprenticeship

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An apprenticeship is a great starting point for a career and can also be another route to university.

Calderdale College is the largest provider of apprenticeships in the area with over 26 skill areas and new courses, such as digital marketing and professional cookery, starting this year.

Daniel Mellor, 21, from Elland is doing a Level two NVQ in plumbing and heating and works at MAG Laundry Equipment in Halifax. Daniel chose an apprenticeship as he wanted to get into plumbing and had been trying to get into the industry since he was 16 years old. His apprenticeship has given him a job and put him where he wants to be. He spends one day at college and four days at work - the one day release gives him the opportunity to learn new things at the college.

Daniel said: “The best thing about an apprenticeship is you are learning on the job and you’re hands on. The training officers at college are really helpful and they will help you in any way possible and give you the right guidance. You feel like they care.

“An apprenticeship will help me by getting my foot in the door. Employers look at you more when you have an apprenticeship because you’ve been more hands on and are qualified. I chose Calderdale College because it has a good reputation for apprenticeships so I thought it would be a good place to start.”

Daniel learns new things every day and wants to increase his knowledge of the trade and build a successful career.

He added: “I’d definitely recommend Calderdale College because they are very helpful and look after you. You know that someone is there who cares and they do set you on the right path. Working for MAG Equipment is really exciting and it’s a breath of fresh air. There is a massive variety of work and it keeps you on your toes. I never feel different being an apprentice and it feels like I am a part of the team. It’s like a family here so it’s great.”

Students do their bit for Yorkshire Flood Relief

Many people were affected by the recent floods and students across the college organised events and activities to raise money for flood relief efforts.

Childcare students organised sponsorship and wore either pyjamas or the colour red all day while past and present hair and beauty students did the hair and make-up back stage at the brilliant Yorkshire Flood Aid Concert.

Pamela Clare, hair and media make-up tutor, said: “The team worked tirelessly and thought the experience was amazing. Every student took so much from it and they really enjoyed doing the hair and make-up.

“My team worked in quite a pressurised environment and it was a big learning curve for them and very valuable.”

Performing Arts students put on a fantastic perform ance of the pantomime, Dick Whittington.

All of the students enjoyed the experience.

James Preece, level three performing arts, 18, from Calderdale, said: “I was singing and dancing in the chorus and I had four costume changes.

You get to do so many different things on this course like creating a set so it’s not just acting. If you don’t want to be an actor then you can get involved with stage design and other careers. Dick Whittington is now my favourite panto.”

So far over £450 has been raised with more fundraising events and activities planned.

Business and law students delve into the Houses of Commons

Level three business and law students were recently invited to the Houses of Parliament by Holly Lynch, MP for Halifax.

During the trip the students interviewed Holly Lynch and went on a tour of the House of Commons and the House of Lords and learnt about the history, technicalities and rules of parliament.

The trip also gave students a great understanding of how laws are made in the UK.

Billy Demkowicz, level three business and law student, 16, from Todmorden, said: “It was pretty interesting. We learnt about the history of parliament and the influential people involved in it. It was really good. Studying business and law together opens a lot of doors for you and helps you to realise what you want to do.”

Lewis Phillips, level three business and law student, 17, from Shelf, said: “We went to London as a part of our law studies. I enjoyed the trip very much and enjoyed learning about the history such as past kings and queens and the interior design of the Houses of Parliament. I chose Calderdale College because it seemed to suit the type of person I am. I had the opportunity to do a business and law course here which really isn’t offered anywhere else.”

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