Giant turbines to stride onto Ovenden Moor

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The skyline over Ovenden Moor has been restored to its original state but only for a short time before a new giant wind turbine farm is erected that will dominate the landscape.

Yorkshire Wind Power Ltd - a joint venture between E.ON Climate and Renewables and Energy Power Resources Ltd - have removed the existing 23 turbines in preparation for nine new structures which will be some of the tallest in Britain.

Ovenden Moor Wind Farm.

Ovenden Moor Wind Farm.

The 115m turbines could generate up to 22.5MW of power - enough electricity to feed over 10,717 homes and will be visible from 35 miles away on a clear day.

A spokesperson for E.ON Climate and Renewables said: “Ovenden Moor has been generating since 1993, having been built on Yorkshire Water land at Hollin Hill, near Warely Moor reservoir.

“The original 23 turbines supplied power for over 22 years before being decommissioned, which began at the start of August 2015, and we are now preparing for the delivery of the new turbines.

“Technology has moved on since Ovenden was first built and we’re now able to produce twice as much energy with less than half as many turbines.

“Once complete the site will generate 18MW of electricity from nine new turbines.

“The delivery of the new turbine components will begin in February 2016 and will be assembled throughout the spring.

“The new site is planned to be complete by summer 2016.”

Components for the turbines are being manufactured and in preparation for delivery and foundation for the bases has been completed.

In comparison: Super wind turbines tower above popular landmarks

In comparison: Super wind turbines tower above popular landmarks

Calderdale Council approved the £12 million scheme in November 2012 for the replacement of the existing 166-ft tall machines with nine turbines 370ft tall, despite 108 letters of objection.

The move angered anti-wind farm campaigners and especially members of the Bronte Society who said the decision showed a lack of consideration for a unique heritage landscape - Bronte Country - which has internationally renowned cultural associations.

At 370ft to the tip of the rotor blades, the new turbines will be more than twice the height of a standard electricity pylon and 100 ft taller than Wainhouse Tower.

Yorkshire Wind Power Ltd also owns the wind farm at Royd Moor, Penistone, Huddersfield.