‘Give me your cash or I’ll say you raped me’, woman told cabbie

A RASTRICK woman has been sentenced to two years in prison after she admitted robbing a taxi driver.

Natalie Woods, of Highfield Road, told Mohammed Asif of Brighouse Taxis, that she would tell people he had raped her if he didn’t hand over his takings.

She wept and hugged her partner and co-defendant Nicola Cliberon, 40, as Judge Jonathan Durham Hall passed the sentence.

Thirty-eight-year-old Woods admitted being the person responsible for stealing £30 from Mr Asif in November last year.

Woods, Cliberon and a third defendant, Mark Mbye, 35, of Nunnery Lane in Brighouse, had got in a taxi to Huddersfield.

The court heard how they had drunk several litres of cider and numerous cans of lager between them.

Woods asked the driver if he was married before making sexual advances on him.

He told her he was married and was not interested before asking for the fare.

Cliberon and Mbye got out of the taxi, but Woods asked the taxi driver to take her slightly further up the road. She then demanded he hand over his money or she would tell people he tried to rape her.

Mr Asif told Woods she couldn’t have the money and said he would call the police, but as he drove the car back towards the other defendants to collect payment they got back in and held him down by the shoulders while Woods took the cash from his pocket.

Judge Durham Hall told her, “On this occasion you were no doubt intoxicated but you planted the idea in your mind and the minds of others to rob this vulnerable taxi driver doing his job. You sought to embarrass him by fake sexual advances and with the brief assistance of others, you robbed him.”

Cliberon was given a 12-month sentence, suspended for 12 months with 12 months supervision and 150 hours unpaid work, while Mbye was given a 12 month community order which includes 120 hours unpaid work and placed under supervision for 12 months.