Golden couple bloom after forgetful start to their lives

Eileen and George Lackenby
Eileen and George Lackenby

A GOLDEN couple say fifty years of happiness is built on supporting each other through highs and lows.

George and Eileen Lackenby met as teenagers at the Alexandra Dance Hall, Halifax, at the Saturday Night Hop in 1959.

They are still together today despite a slight mix up in the early days.

“He asked me out the next night but was late picking me up,” said Eileen, 70.

“I had been with my friend Elaine at the dance and when I got in the car George said ‘before we go any further was your name Eileen or Elaine?’”

Their love soon blossomed and they were married at Park Congregational Church, Francis Street, on September 30, 1961.

George, 71, worked as a sales rep meaning the couple had to move to Silsden and then on to Gateshead with their daughter Vicky born in between in 1964.

Ten years later the family returned to Halifax.

“After being a rep for a number of years I set up AC Bearings that later became AC Transmission, in King Cross,” said George.

He later set up Engineering Services Halifax Ltd, which is still trading today, and employed Eileen to work in the office.

“We worked together but never got sick of each other,” said Eileen, who was born in Delhi thanks to her father being in the Duke of Wellington’s Regiment.

The couple lived in several homes before settling in their current home in Pellon.

“We’ve had ups and downs but we’re just a strong partnership and we are a very close family,” said Eileen.

They will have a quiet celebration with Vicky, her husband Adrian and their children Tara and Emily.