Golf club in row over Roils Head Moor

Angry residents are on course for a clash with West End Golf Club, who are planning to purchase part of the land on Roils Head Moor.

The land would be bought through a Community Asset Transfer and would mean the golf club could create three new holes.

Local residents concerned about plans to extend the West End golf course over Hoils Head Moor.

Local residents concerned about plans to extend the West End golf course over Hoils Head Moor.

In return, the club are offering to maintain the full area of the moor, which they say would result in a considerable saving for Calderdale Council.

Audrey Wood, who lives on nearby Norton Drive, said: “I was born in Pellon and I used to play there as a child. I’d be furious if it went ahead - I bought my house because it was so close to the moor.

“Everybody round here has always enjoyed it just as it is. There must be 100 people who walk on the moor every day, but I doubt there will be 100 people who would play golf on it.

“People us the moor in rain or snow, 365 days a year.”

Harold Smith, who lives on nearby Spring Farm, said: “This is an ideal place for youngsters to to ride horses safely, but the bridal way would go if the golf club build on here, which would be an absolute disaster.

“If the moor is halved in size, all you’re doing is concentrating everything which is a recipe for disaster. You’d have golf balls flying all over the place.”

Graham Thornton, chair of the membership committee at West End golf Club, said: “On the advice of the council, we had a meeting with our local councillors and they said they would canvas their ward members about our proposals.

“If these findings are positive we would hold a joint public meeting with our local neighbours and the councillors.

“Before this meeting we intend to mail shot the whole area explaining our aims for the course and Roils Head and inviting them to the meeting.

“If we get a positive response from this meeting we would then seek full approval from our members.

“Again, if we gained the approval of our members, it is only at this stage, would we approach Calderdale Council with the view to applying for a Community Asset Transfer.

“We want to improve Roils Head for the local residents. Many of our members walk their dogs on the Moor, including two of our employees. In no way would we want to upset our members or our local neighbours.

“There are obvious benefits to Calderdale Council, the local community and the golf club.

“Our hope is that we can improve the area through the use our Greens Staff. In so doing this would make a considerable financial saving for Calderdale.”

A Calderdale Council spokesperson said: “Calderdale Council has not received a formal application from West End Golf Club for a community asset transfer or planning permission. When formal applications are made, the Council carries out public consultation, which gives residents chance to have their say and raise any concerns.”