Gotcha! Teenager snaps traffic wardens’ car parked on double yellow lines

Jordan Bruce, who spotted a parking warden's car parked on double yellow lines, with his letters from the council
Jordan Bruce, who spotted a parking warden's car parked on double yellow lines, with his letters from the council

A TEENAGER is waging war on traffic wardens after he spotted two of them booking motorists – while their own car was parked on double yellow lines.

Student Jordan Bruce, from Luddenden Foot, saw the silver Peugeot partially parked on the double yellows in Corporation Street, Sowerby Bridge.

One of the wardens, who was in the middle of booking another driver, confirmed the car was his and Mr Bruce took his complaint to Calderdale Council. The 19- year-old was told by Parking Services staff officers are not exempt from traffic regulations.

“They are not permitted, under any circumstances to park on double yellow lines,” said a response from Parking Services manager Jenny Dixon.

“They must not contravene the restrictions themselves in order to issue a Penalty Charge Notice,” the first response dated November 23 reads.

Mr Bruce asked for either all the penalty charge notices given out that night be revoked, or for the officers themselves to pay a fine and donate it to charity.

Acting Head of Highways and Engineering, Dave Tee then told him officers are actually exempt from the Traffic Regulation orders, so they had not committed any offence.

Mr Bruce said he is unhappy he has had to wait three months for a conclusion - which he still does not think is satisfactory.

“The time it has taken to come back has been unacceptable.

“If a child had been knocked over as a result of them parking on double yellow lines, I don’t think you could ever justify that,” said Mr Bruce.

“If anybody parked in this way, they would receive a ticket and a fine. The CEO’s have had no such thing, they have simply been verbally advised not to do it again,” he said.

“I wish this would happen to me if I parked in contravention to the rules.”

Mr Tee said officers, employed by Vinci Park are exempt from the orders.

“We stipulate that Vinci’s Enforcement Officers should adhere to traffic restrictions to avoid the perception of operating dual standards. The Enforcement Officers in question have been dealt with through Vinci’s management procedures.”

He said the council responded to the original letter within seven days. “Mr Bruce was not happy with this response and we felt it necessary to revisit the case, independently, to look into all the issues raised,” he said.