Grade two listed Halifax railway warehouse damaged again

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A damaged grade two listed warehouse now needs further repairs after the recent snowfalls.

The former railway building dating back to 1849 is on the 13-acre Eureka site at Halifax.

Eureka said in May 2011, after part of the roof collapsed, it was talking to the council about its future use.

Bad weather has now damaged the roof further and the museum and council said all options were still being explored for the building which was home to the Working Horse Museum from 1986 to 1990.

And, decisions would be taken in the context of surrounding development such as the Piece Hall refurbishment, Square Chapel’s Cornerstone extension, the Orangebox and the new library.

“The masterplanning for Eureka is done with this in mind and the Working Horse Museum building, along with other aspects of the site, is being considered in the context of longer term plans for the development of Eureka and the future aspirations for Halifax.”

Councillor Barry Collins, cabinet member for economy and environment said: “The children’s museum is a crucial part of our developing vision for Halifax. We are confident Eureka is seeking the best possible outcomes for the site as a whole and the individual buildings within it.”