Grit bins paid for by councillors

paul and lynda cromie with grit bins
paul and lynda cromie with grit bins

HUSBAND and wife team Paul and Lynda Cromie are supporting their community through their councillors’ allowances.

Both serve Queensbury ward as independents and pledged to spend a percentage of their council earnings helping the community.

And, they have just spent more than £1,200 on 10 grit bins and 60 bags of salt which will be placed around the ward.

It is the second successive year they have supplied grit bins.

Councillor Paul Cromie said: “We had requests from residents for grit bins and when we went to the council it didn’t have the money to supply them so we have.

“Our manifesto includes giving a percentage of our council allowances back to the Queensbury community.

“It is something we are doing honourably and not for gain.”

The bins will soon be deployed and no doubt in use – the village had its first snowfall of the winter last week.

They are distributed on the understanding residents will re-fill the bins with salt when required, which costs around £35.

Since 2006 the couple have annually distributed around 220 Christmas cards containing a £5 note to pensioners living in sheltered housing, nursing and care homes. They receive around £26,000 in allowances before deductions and last year donated around £8,000.