HBOS are in trouble after it's share prices have plunged over the last two days'Trinity Road, Halifax
HBOS are in trouble after it's share prices have plunged over the last two days'Trinity Road, Halifax

prime Minister David Cameron is to be asked to intervene and stop Lloyds haemorrhaging jobs in Halifax.

Another 85 were told yesterday they would lose their jobs. Around 400 were axed last year.

Halifax MP Linda Riordan said the part-nationalised bank wasn’t being fair to its workforce following the takeover of HBOS.

She said: “At the beginning we wanted to know what was happening but we are not being informed until the very last day.

“I am now going to ask the Government to step in.”

She will try to raise the issue at Prime Minister’s Question Time next week or will write to Mr Cameron urging him to intervene and protect jobs.

With the taxpayers having a stake in the bank she said the Government should put a block on future job losses in the difficult economic times.

“Is Lloyds going to ring me up next week with another 150 job losses?” she said.

“People in Halifax have been dedicated to keeping that business going.”

Mrs Riordan said Halifax was being badly hit on the jobs front as council and health workers would also see significant numbers thrown out of work.

Lloyds announced 570 job cuts overall bringing the total to more than 23,000 since it started integrating the two banks.

It said the 85 lost in Halifax will be mainly back office support roles at Trinity Road.

A further 65 staff will be retained in Halifax but have their employment transferred.

They are among 450 staff affected by the decision to outsource further cheque and credit processing services to third-party provider, iPSL later this year.

Lloyds said it would try and find alternative opportunities for the 85 staff facing the axe and is consulting with union representatives.

“The Group’s policy is always to use natural turnover and to redeploy people wherever possible to retain their expertise and knowledge,” said a Lloyds statement.

Accord Union general secretary Ged Nicholls said it had asked the bank to stop and take stock before any more cuts are announced.

The bank employs more than 5,000 in Halifax but could not confirm the exact figure.

In January Lloyds announced a £2.3 million bonus for its outgoing chief executive Eric Daniels.

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