Half of Yorkshire drinkers have already given up on dry January


Nearly half of drinkers in Yorkshire who vowed to have a dry January have fallen off the wagon early, research into the region’s drinking habits reveals.

One in ten adults from Yorkshire and Humber had planned to remain alcohol-free throughout January, according to the survey commissioned by the Pharmacy2U Online Doctor service.

The start to the year has not been as ‘dry’ as expected though, with 47 per cent of those who challenged themselves not to drink any alcohol during January, admitting they have ‘given in’.

Worryingly, the study found that alcohol is causing problems for more than one in six of the region’s drinkers (17%), with issues including relationship conflict, health problems and difficulties at work.

Nearly one in four (24%) people from Yorkshire and Humber said they were concerned about a loved one’s drinking.

Dr Nitin Shori, Medical Director of the Pharmacy2U Online Doctor service and a working NHS GP, said: “It’s a month when the nation talks more openly about their drinking habits, thanks to the dry January trend. While most don’t need or want to cut out alcohol in the long-term, it gets people thinking about how much they usually drink and whether they’d benefit from cutting down. It also proves how easy it is to give in to temptation!

“An unhealthy relationship with alcohol and regularly drinking too much can affect health and wellbeing, as well as impacting wider aspects of life too. We’re seeing increasing numbers of patients seeking help from our online doctor service to reduce their alcohol intake – particularly since the launch of the Selincro pill last year, which helps to lessen the desire for a drink.

“Many find themselves in a pattern of excess drinking that’s difficult to break. Recognising there’s a problem can be one of the biggest challenges though - and some only make a change after loved ones raise the issue.”