Halifax civil war re-enactor returns to scene of battle

Stephen Foster from Halifax
Stephen Foster from Halifax

A civil war re-enactor from West Yorkshire will lead the charge to re-live a period of 17th century history this weekend.

Stephen Foster, of Halifax, is the Commanding Officer of Robert Overton’s Regiment – a group of re-enactors keeping alive the memory of a regiment raised in Yorkshire in 1642 and which fought for Parliament at Hull, Selby, York and Marston Moor.

Mr Foster is the main coordinator for a Pikes and Plunder Civil War Festival in Newark on May 6 and 7.

More than 300 re-enactors will descend on Newark Castle and engage in battle on the Queen’s Sconce, a preserved civil war fort which defied 16,000 Parliamentarian and Scots troops.

He will script the action involving pikemen, musketeers, cannons and a squadron of roundhead cavalry.

He said: “Doing this at such an amazing venue creates an incredible atmosphere. It gives an amazing window on the dramatic events in 1646 which signalled the end for King Charles.”