Halifax club boss welcomes report which shows real world socialising is more appealing than social media

Appeal: Enjoying nights out.Appeal: Enjoying nights out.
Appeal: Enjoying nights out.
A Halifax club manager has welcomed a new report which found socialising in real life was more appealing than connecting with people on social media.

The quarterly Deltic Night Index, which tracks the late night leisure spending and social habits of more than 2,300 UK adults, revealed that the most sociable generation are 18 to 21 year olds, who are looking for ‘In Real Life’ experiences, which they can post about on their social media accounts (87.8%).

Phillip Hallam of ATIK on Commercial Street, said: “We know from our own experience the value our customers place on having great nights out with partners, friends and colleagues.

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Social media is important of course and many like to share and post about their lives online but they also appreciate the fun to be had from bonding in the real world rather than the virtual one.

“You can’t beat spending time socialising with people in real life and creating memorable experiences.”