Halifax couple mark an incredible 70 years of married life

Audrey and Kenneth Yardley celebrate their Platinum Wedding.
Audrey and Kenneth Yardley celebrate their Platinum Wedding.

Love is still in the air over at the Yardley’s family home as the couple celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary.

Audrey, 90, and Kenneth Yardley, 93, of Gleanings Avenue, Norton Tower, Halifax, first met in 1948 at the Salvation Army when Mr Yardley was playing euphonium in a brass band. They got married there a year later.

The couple marked the milestone on Tuesday alongside three generations.

Mrs Yardley said they went out for a meal with the family to celebrate the milestone

“I’ve got a lovely family, they’re all caring, even my little great grandchildren are.”

The couple married on a Friday before heading home as they were unable to afford a honeymoon.

One of their sons has sent off for a photograph from the Queen after receiving one for a previous anniversary.

The 90-year-old said: “We got one of them on my Diamond or Blue Sapphire - I can’t keep up to them now!”

Their platinum anniversary has created an unusual challenge with no one able to find a suitable anniversary card yet.

There is no special secret behind their successful marriage according to Mr Yardley but keeping busy with family has seemed to do the trick.