Halifax couple stranded by Hurricane Sandy

Richard and Helen Wren and son, Kean
Richard and Helen Wren and son, Kean

A Halifax couple were stranded in New York after Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc on the city last week.

Helen and Richard Wren flew out for a long weekend to celebrate her 30th birthday.

They finally arrived home last Friday after flights were cancelled amid the mayhem.caused by the superstorm.

The couple, of Dean Wood View, Copley, arrived in the States on Thursday, October 25, to spend a night with relatives in New Jersey.

“At that time we didn’t know the storm was coming,” said Mrs Wren.

The couple went to New York the following day as planned as Hurricane Sandy became a feature on the news.

“There was a buzz about it but people were quite calm,” she said.

But, the mood turned more serious by the Sunday as clouds rolled in, the wind started-up and shops shut.

“We started getting panicky and tried to get a flight out Sunday/Monday and I spent two hours on the phone ringing American Airlines,” said Mrs Wren.

But, she was told flights from JKF Airport were cancelled until the following Thursday.

The couple - and millions more - were told to stay indoors.

Mr and Mrs Wren stopped at the Hotel Yotel, Times Square, which fortunately escaped the worst of the storm.

“Monday night was very bad. We were allowed out Tuesday to go to a shop around the corner and the wind was too strong to go any further,” she said.

“We could see the Hudson River and the waves were high and the whole experience was pretty scary.”

The couple spent many hours watching the TV news for updates and they finally got a flight out on the Thursday and were glad to be reunited with their son, Kean, aged four, who had been looked after by relatives.

The death toll from Hurricane Sandy topped 100.