Halifax holiday-maker in daring sea rescue

Sliema, malta
Sliema, malta

A Halifax holiday-maker became a have-a-go-hero when he rescued a man who suffered a head injury while swimming in the sea.

David Spencer was swimming while visiting Sliema in Malta when he noticed a man nearby acting strangely.

“He was looking at me and doing a doggy paddle,” said Mr Spencer, 47. “I thought he was just messing about but then I heard his girlfriend on the shore frantcially shouting things to him.” Mr Spencer swam over to the man and asked if he was ok. The man grabbed Mr Spencer’s hand and he realised the man was in trouble.

He managed to swim the man in and, helped by others on the shore, lifted him up the 8ft gap from the sea to safety.

Once back on land, paramedics arrived to help the man and he was rushed to hospital.

The sea was quite choppy that day, said Mr Spencer, and he wonders if the man - thought to be a Russian holidaymaker - hit his head while snorkling.

He heard the man’s condition was initially described as critical but that he was later released.

“I just wanted to get him out of the water,” said Mr Spencer. “Anyone else would have done the same thing.”