Halifax man’s Yorkshire Pudding recipe features on ITV Show Food, Glorious Food!

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An award-winning Yorkshire Pudding recipe from Christopher Blackburn will be featured on a new TV show which has a £20,000 first prize.

Mr Blackburn, of Copley, Halifax, will compete on the ITV1 show Food, Glorious Food! which starts on February 27 and features celebrity personalities.

In 2011 and 2012 his recipe won the annual Yorkshire Pudding competition at the Dean Clough Cookery School, Halifax.

“I love the idea of putting Yorkshire and Yorkshire Pudding on the national stage.” said Chris.

“It was exciting to prepare my favourite dish for famous celebrities.”

Food, Glorious Food! showcases the one dish contestants believe they cook better than anyone else.

Chris, a learning and development manager, said his recipe includes a never-before-seen twist of modern British cuisine.

He is bound by rules stopping him commenting on the filming results.

The show scoured the country in search of people’s best loved recipe.

The winner receives a cash prize and also gets their specialty dish packaged and sold in every Marks & Spencer supermarket in the UK.

Chris has his own blog Yorkshirepudd.co.uk and plans to launch a line of cookery products.