Halifax mum’s fight to raise £50,000 for cancer treatment

Azra Slatiel, from Pellon, is hoping to raise �50,000 for pioneering cancer treatment
Azra Slatiel, from Pellon, is hoping to raise �50,000 for pioneering cancer treatment

A Halifax mum has issued a desperate plea for help to raise tens of thousands of pounds for vital cancer treatment in Germany.

Azra Slatiel, 51, received the devastating news she had stage three breast cancer in 2014.

She underwent surgery, then faced radiotherapy and chemotherapy to fight the disease.

Azra, who lives in Pellon with her husband of 26 years Slatiel and three children Ezekiel, Leah and Rachel, was eventually given the all clear and was hopeful she had fought her difficult health battle.

But more heartache was to come.

Her daughter Leah , 23, said: “Last year, mum got ill again. She used to get very breathless - we chased it up with the GP and they sent her for a chest X-ray.

“The X-ray showed some shadows on her lungs, but the GP said they couldn’t tell unless she went for a CT scan.

“So they sent her for a CT scan, which came back with the shadows. They said to us that her breast cancer had come back, but it was secondary breast cancer.

“So far, it’s still just in her lungs, but there’s a chance it could it could spread to her bones.”

The family have been told that because the cancer has spread to Azra’s lungs, it cannot be cured, but managed.

She is still undergoing treatment in the UK, but it’s hoped pioneering immunotherapy treatment in Germany could offer Azra, who ran Singhaar beauty salon on Queens Road before falling ill, renewed hope.

The treatment comes with a hefty £50,000 price tag. So far, friends, family and well-wishers have raised around £2,000 since the end of January and more fundraising is in the pipeline.

Speaking about her battle, Azra said: “When I look at my kids, I say to myself ‘I have to do it, I have to fight’.”

Leah added: “It’s hard, but we all try to stay strong for her.”

To help Azra reach her fundraising goal, click here