Halifax Retailers Praised For Their Support in Helping to Prevent Knife Crime

Knife crime
Knife crime

Retailers in Halifax have been praised by police for not selling knives to young people following a recent test purchase operation.

At the end of May, an operation using two police cadets was carried out where five high profile retailers were tested in their response to young people without identification trying to purchase bladed items.

The same method was used for each premises, where the cadets entered the store and chose a bladed item from a display, or asked to buy one from behind the counter, before trying to pay for it.

The police cadets were supported by two special constables who entered the premises behind them in plain clothes and maintained a safe distance so they could offer support if any issues arose.

Following the test, a debrief was conducted with the store manager to inform them of the operation and result of their store being tested.

All five retailers tested refused to sell the items.

Detective Chief Inspector David Shaw of Calderdale Police said; “The results from this recent test purchase operation are really reassuring and demonstrate that many of the high profile retailers in Halifax are aware of their legal obligations to check for appropriate identification and refuse the sale of bladed items to people who are underage.

“I would also like to thank the Police Cadets and Special Constables who made this operation possible, allowing us to realistically re-create circumstances that store workers may encounter, but also in giving up their time to volunteer to keep the people of Calderdale safe and feeling safe.

“We understand community concerns about those carrying knives and weapons, and whilst incidents in Calderdale are low, we take each and every incident incredibly seriously. Any incident involving a blade is one too many and this operation demonstrates our continued commitment to removing knives and weapons from our streets.

“Whilst the results of this operation are really positive, we will not rest on our laurels, and will continue to regularly conduct similar operations to make sure that businesses across the district are continuing to play their part in helping to tackle knife crime.”

If people do have any information about suspicious activity or about anyone carrying knives or weapons, they should feel confident in making a report to police by calling 101, using the 101 Live Chat or by contacting Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.