Halifax weather forecast: What's in store for the weekend?

A snow-covered Halifax town centre.
A snow-covered Halifax town centre.

After a week of snow-induced chaos in Calderdale, the Met Office have issued a mixed weekend forecast.

Today (Friday) currently sees the last of the official yellow weather warning for snow and ice that has engulfed much of West Yorkshire.

The Met Office have warned that despite comparatively mild temperatures of 3°, stiff winds will make this feel much colder. Sleet showers are expected from 10am with heavy snow forecast from 7pm. Council gritters are on patrol throughout the day.

There is as of yet no Met warning from Saturday, which shows forecasts of temperatures between 1° and 3° with calmer winds reducing any chill. Sunny intervals between 11am could clear any residual snow and sleet which is forecast in the early hours.

Sunday morning sees the possible return of heavy snow from 9am with sleet and drizzle currently forecast throughout the afternoon. Forecasts suggest visibility will be especially poor throughout this period.

Current forecasts predict a calmer week from Monday, with dry, overcast skies accompanying temperatures set to rise to 7° and as high as 11° on Wednesday.