Happy Days for boy who met The Fonz


A TEENAGE actor had a happy day after he met up with legenday TV star, The Fonz.

Ronan Carter, 15, from Baliff Bridge, had written to Henry Winkler asking for top tips about dealing with dyslexia.

The pair stayed in touch, and when he knew he was coming to the UK, Ronan got a phonecall to arrange for them to meet in the flesh.

Both suffer from dyslexia, and bonded over their shared experiences.

Ronan, who suffers from the condition so badly it means he cannot sight read, so has difficulty learning his lines.

The Happy Days legend got in touch with Ronan by e-mail after seeing an article he had written for First News who launched the “My Way” campaign in 2010. It aims to promote the different ways children learn.

They finally met last week in Bradford - 18 months after they first e-mailed.

Ronan’s mum Caroline said: “Ronan had a fantastic day, he got the opportunity to meet up with Henry before his speech and have a chat about the My way campaign.

“He asked Ronan how he felt about being dyslexic and why did he want to be an actor.”

Ronan, a Brighouse High pupil, told Henry: “Before I was diagnosed with dyslexia I thought I was stupid and teachers would call me lazy and disruptive. Having been given a name for what I have meant I could stop calling myself stupid. Acting makes me feel confident, I can be myself!”

He said The Fonz was fubnny and inspirational.

The American later signed Ronan’s copy of Hank Zipster - a book Henry has written - “Big R its been lovely meeting you.”Act your heart out”.