Happy ending for the collapsed dog

Recovering: Dog found at Lee Mount
Recovering: Dog found at Lee Mount
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The tan lurcher (opposite) is beating the odds and fighting its way back to fitness after being found collapsed on a street.

And, its fortunes are looking up further because following an appeal on the Courier website earlier this week it has been reunited with its rightful owner.

The dog was found at Brighton Street, Lee Mount, Halifax, on Monday morning and was believed to have collapsed through dehydration.

RSPCA Inspector Charlotte Booker said it was seen collapsed initially at 5.45 am by a woman who thought the dog was dead, but when she saw movement at 8 am she contacted the RSPCA.

The dog was in her front yard under some bushes and was taken to a RSPCA hospital in Manchester in a desperate condition.

Inspector Booker turned to the Courier appealing for information into the circumstances and the dog’s owner came forward.

The pet had been stolen from Sowerby Bridge earlier this month.

It is still at the animal hospital and its owner is visiting.

“We thought the dog would have to be put to sleep, but it is doing quite well now, and it is a good, happy ending,” said Insp Booker.

“But, it was awful. I am amazed that dog survived, I have never seen a dog so flat and unresponsive - it couldn’t lift its head up.

“The owner was very upset and when straight down to the vets to see the dog when she found out what had happened.”

At the vet hospital the dog was put on a drip, given pain relief and wrapped up to raise its temperature after being exposed to freezing weather.

Its body temperature didn’t register on a thermemeter as it was so cold.

Inspector Booker said she still would like to know how the dog was allowed to get in such a state and can be contacted at 0300 1234 999.